Fancy dress costumes have become too fancy

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We received a letter from my son’s nursery this week informing us of forthcoming fancy dress event.

Not just any fancy dress event mind you, his costume has to based on a character from his favourite book or film.

I’ve got to admit it’s got me a bit flummoxed.

Calum’s favourite character is Postman Pat, but that would mean sourcing a postman’s outfit, specs, probably a black and white cat (preferably called Jess) and most defintely a ginger wig.

In short, I’d have to find someone who’s extremely efficient with a sewing machine or else part with a significant portion of my hard-earned cash to buy an outfit.

It wasn’t like that when I was younger. Costumes were much simpler back then – favoured choices including a ghost (white sheet), pirate (eye patch, stripey top) or, for the more adventurous, Dracula (pointy teeth from joke shop and lashings of tomato sauce) – and we would never have dreamed of buying something ready-made.

Anyway, a rummage in Calum’s toy box unearthed a police uniform and a racing driver’s outfit. Now, if I can just think of a character to match ...

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