Falkirk Bus station is an abomination

Falkirk bus station has been criticised for its shabby condition
Falkirk bus station has been criticised for its shabby condition

The east end of Falkirk High Street and London’s Euston Road appear to have little in common at first glance.

One is a bustling city centre thoroughfare while the other has fallen on hard times since the departure of several anchor businesses in recent years.

But on a trip to the UK capital I realised they have one dismal connection - they are home to two of the most appalling transport hubs anywhere in the country.

The ghastly Euston station will be familiar to anyone who has taken the train from Glasgow Central to London. It is widely claimed to be the single worst development of the 1960s - in the face of stiff competition - and has been described as “a dingy, grey, horizontal nothingness” and entirely lacking in “the sense of occasion that the great Victorian termini gave to the traveller”.

Falkirk bus station needs no introduction. It is simply appalling; an abomination on the face of the town.

My colleague Stuart Barber reported in February on Falkirk Council’s frustration at the lack of investment at the site, with officers said to be in discussion with its private owners.

But six months on and the station looks as bad as ever.

You might not ever use buses, but its condition still matters. Disparaging comments on social media from passengers passing through Falkirk are not hard to find. Its condition reflects badly on the town and its residents.

In London, plans are already afoot to flatten Euston and rebuild it as the terminus for the proposed high speed rail link.

Let’s hope plans for Falkirk bus station have not hit the buffers.