Facing a real time of change

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace

Things are changing in my life.

Yes, that is a pretty broad statement, but they are. There’s no trick or witty remark behind it, things in my life are literally becoming almost the complete opposite of what they have been for a while.

The biggest change that’s currently taking place is my education. I’ve just picked the subjects that I hope to take next year for advanced and crash Highers.

“Advanced Higher”. Those are two scary words.

Advanced English and drama are on the cards for next year’s studies, and I am very nervous about taking them on, simply because they’re big scary advanced Highers. Also, next year sees the return of RMPS and the introduction of modern studies, and because mod studies hasn’t been looked at since second year, and RMPS was a core subject up until fourth year, this means that I’m crash highering these subjects, which is also rather daunting. Looks like I’ll be doing a whole load of work next year.

Another big change is that the majority of my friends are turning 17. Although this doesn’t affect me until the start of August, it’s still a really weird concept. I can’t imagine us all behind the wheel of a car, driving out to McDonalds in our lunch breaks, and being able to go on wee road trips whenever we want. It’s like a mark of independence and freedom, and something that makes you feel all grown up. I cannot wait to drive, but, unfortunately for me, I have a good five months to wait.

A final example of one of the changes happening in my life is my lifestyle, so to speak. I’m going back to dancing this week, and I am absolutely buzzing. For a good year and a bit now I haven’t been dancing, and oh my goodness how I have missed it.

There are loads more changes happening as well right now, like the colour of my hair and sometimes my handwriting, but there’s too many to fit into my word limit. But for now, let me say, I quite like change. It usually brings out the best in people, and I guess that’s a good thing, isn’t it?