Faced with a moral dilemma

Falkirk Herald editor Colin Hume
Falkirk Herald editor Colin Hume

I’ve got an idea for a new TV game show – ‘Modern Moral Dilemmas’. The format is simple. Contestants are faced with a – yes, you’ve guessed it – a modern moral dilemma and they have to decide how to react.

For instance, you’re booked on an early morning train and plan to use the three-hour trip to respond to a stack of e-mails that have built up over the weekend.

The earlier train has been cancelled so the platform is busy, but you’re not worried because you have a seat reserved within easy reach of a power point.

You board and locate your seat, only to find it occupied by a young child.

You try to explain the situation to the mum but she doesn’t speak English and it takes a few minutes of animated discussion to discover her seat is booked but her daughter’s isn’t.

What do you do? Turf them out or find a cramped seat in a rear carriage with no available power point.

Me? Let’s just say there were a few unanswered e-mails on Monday ...