Facebook lost its shine after ‘selfie’ shame ...

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

Some readers may remember a couple of years ago I joined the social networking revolution with a Facebook account.

At first I dipped my toe in the online world with hesitation. I mainly joined so I could see all the pictures of my grandson Jack that Emma kept posting and not showing me.

But the arrival of my fancy all-singing, all-dancing smart phone which replaced my rather embarrassing circa 2000 mobile that Emma affectionately referred to as ‘Brick’ meant Facebook was suddenly very accessible.

My smart phone allows me to do my grocery shopping online, catch up on breaking news or find out what the weather is to be like in San Francisco next Wednesday but I don’t use it for any of that.

Now, whenever I have a spare few minutes to play on my phone, I’m straight on to Facebook.

I can have a nosey at what the kids are up to, discover where my school friends have been on holiday and see the inside of my snooty neighbour’s house since she never invites me past the front door.

But recently, the shine of social networking has been tarnished for me.

Firstly, I had to work late one night last week and so got home too late to watch the latest episode of ‘Sherlock’.

Thanks to modern technology, I set my television to record it from my smartphone.

But, stupidly, I did my nightly going home ritual of checking into Facebook on the train and half a dozen online friends had ruined the shock series finale for me.

Facebook was on thin ice with me but what happened next convinced me to deactivate my account.

Granddaughter Sophie also loves my smartphone and whenever she gets grumpy I’ll hand it over to keep her happy.

At the weekend she somehow managed to get on to my Facebook page and upload a photo - a very unflattering ‘selfie’ I’d taken while trying on new glasses.

So my love affair with social networking is over - for now.