Enjoying an early summer ... while we can!

Colin Hume.
Colin Hume.

IT doesn’t take the mercury to rise very high before us Scots start embracing summer.

That has been evident over the past few weeks as the coats and jumpers that have kept the cold at bay over the winter months have been unceremoniously cast aside in favour of shorts and t-shirts.

And that fact that we were still in March didn’t seem to deter anyone as they settled down to soak up the rays.

My wife even turned the central heating off but was made to rue that decision on Monday morning as Mother Nature finally figured out we’ve still got spring to get out the way before we can enjoy the summer.

On definite downside in the first sunny days of the year coming in March rather than July of August is that these post-Christmas dies haven’t really had time to take effect yet.

A quick walk down Falkirk High Street and you’d have spotted more than a few people displaying a bit more flesh than they would have intended.

But the last word on the heatwave must go to

Scots comic Kevin Bridges who, as he arrived back from a gig, tweeted ‘‘Approaching Glasgow. Looks like it’s still vest ’n’ cans weather.’’!