End of season activities for companies

Interesting to hear of innovations to display talent at closing inspections; none more so than by 1st Grangemouth (Abbotsgrange Church) who adopted a TV theme. Mr and Mrs Scott of Scott's Bistro in Grangemouth and chaplain, Rev. Afab Gohar, have family connections with the company. The MC for the night, John Russell, was removed in a coup by the company's own '˜'˜Ant & Dec'' (Scott and Matthew) who decided it was time for change with the theme '˜'˜An Evening with BBTV''. There followed '˜'˜Strictly Come Marching'' by the Anchors and Juniors led by Kenny Fairlie in his final parents' night. There was a drill routine by the company section, unusually done to music, followed by former members and staff with a not unreasonable replication of the same movements! Guitar '˜'˜stars' Jamie and Matthew were next and the show ended with a quiz won by the Anchors and Juniors. Following the successes of the company reported in this column throughout the session, presentations were made to Mr and Mrs Scott, discharge certificates to Scott O'Donnell, Matthew Thompson and Sean Harrington. Kenny Fairlie was granted '˜'˜honorary officer'' status after his many years service as boy and officer. Skipper Dave Wilson thanked all parents, friends, supporters, boys and staff for making the year such a success with an invitation to do it all again next session. In less spectacular form The Falkirk & District Stedfast Association held its annual general meeting in Zetland Church, Grangemouth, on May 28 when reports of the activities of these BB '˜veterans' were reported, led by president Joe Sharp, former captain of 1st Bothkennar and Carronshore Company. The meeting resolved to donate £200 to assist the Battalion. Speaker John Wilson illustrated his lifelong passion for designing and flying model aircraft, donating his cheque to the Parkinson's Society.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 11th June 2017, 1:00 pm