End of an era for page three

Kirsty Beaton.
Kirsty Beaton.

Women of the world rejoice - finally an outdated, sexist practice is no more.

If you believe reports in the national media, The Sun is to drop its topless woman on page three tradition.

Kirsty Beaton.

Kirsty Beaton.

After years of campaigning and disgust from anyone who ever read Virginia Woolf, it appears the paper is doing away with the outdated practice.

And I for one am delighted.

Although I don’t proclaim to be a Sun reader, and the fact they have done away with page three won’t make me buy a copy, I’m happy it’s no longer going to feature.

I’ve got no problem with women who want to pose topless, either in print, in a gentlemen’s club or for artistic purposes, but it does not have a place in a so-called family newspaper. It reinforces stereotypes of beauty and that women are for decoration.

I signed a petition a few years ago – which went on to get 215,000 signatures of support – to ban page three and, in my opinion 
it far outlasted its shelf life.

Page three should have been sent to Room 101 at the same time as ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ and Snowball cocktails.

I found the feature embarrassing and I remember discussing it with an American journalist who couldn’t fathom out why a well-read newspaper would print such sleazy material on a daily basis.

The addition of the ridiculous quote box a few years ago to go along with the model was beyond cringey.

Putting a quote from Aristotle or Martin Luther King next to Leanne (23) from Berkshire failed to objectified her less, or make the feature any 
more relevant to modern society.

So RIP page three, and good riddance to you.