Emotion served up to honour D-Day veterans

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone
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As the 100th anniversary of the start of the Great War approaches, it’s amazing how your appreciation of the sacrifices made increases.

And not just in this war, but in the Second World War and the conflicts soldiers find themselves in today. Make no mistake, I didn’t agree with the second Iraq War.

I even voiced my opposition to that one to anyone who would listen at the time. However, that is no reason not to support the brave individuals who help protect our way of life.

We may not like some of the laws, injustice and corruption in our country, but I’ll tell you what – I’d take what we have over any other society in the world.

Some say freedom is a myth and legitimately fight for even more and I’m all for that. But if it wasn’t for those brave souls who fought and endured during the First and Second World Wars this planet of ours would be a whole different place, somewhere much darker.

As you probably know I love my cookery programmes. Every Saturday I’m gleefully glued to ‘Saturday Kitchen’ searching for new recipes and I just adore ‘Masterchef’.

However, one programme that is currently running has captured my heart and imagination – ‘The Great British Menu’.

The best chefs from different parts of Britain compete against each other making starters, a fish dish, a main and a dessert to see which one is fit for a banquet feeding veterans from the D-Day Landings.

The dishes all have to tell a story about the time and the event in a modern culinary way and some of the creations are quite amazing.

A few of the chefs also had family who served during the war or took part in the landings and the emotion they have experienced while making their meals hasn’t been lost on me. In fact, I’ve been going through a lot more tissues since this started. While I may not agree with all of our politics, I will always be eternally grateful to those soldiers who put their lives on the line for everything we enjoy today.