Elphinstone’s tempting menu is Biggar and better

The Elphinstone impressed with its top quality menu
The Elphinstone impressed with its top quality menu

The reputation of The Elphinstone Hotel had certainly preceded it with rave reviews from all who had eaten there.

Everything I had heard about it had been so glowing that I wondered if it could possibly live up to the hype.

But I’m happy to report that I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, it was so good I’m already planning a return visit.

With an extensive and varied menu you could eat in this quaint coaching inn dozens of times and never have the same dishes.

The sight of a lengthy menu always makes me a trifle wary, wondering if they could possible be preparing all this food fresh. However, diners at the Elphinstone don’t need to worry, the food is delicious and is served piping hot.

Owners Robert and Janette Allan pride themselves on using locally sourced ingredients and their chefs put these to good use in varied and tasty meals to suit all palates and appetites.

Whether you are looking for a quick snack or a three course lunch or dinner, there is something to suit – and if there isn’t, it says something about you not the Elphinstone!

Stepping inside this quaint building on Biggar’s main street we were warmly greeted and asked whether we wanted to eat in the dining room or the lounge area. As the table on offer gave a full view of all the comings and goings, we plumped for the latter.

After much deliberation we finally made our choice and it proved to be the right one.

My Cullen skink was a perfect, tasty mix of fish, potatoes and leek in a creamy soup, while the haddock fishcake with smoked Applewood cheese also got the vote of approval.

For mains we decide to make our selection from the dishes of the day.

The 8oz boneless pork chop served on a bed of crushed black pepper potatoes and with a creamy, mustard sauce was delicious.

The venison steak served on Stornoway black pudding with a cranberry Cumberland sauce and mashed potatoes looked wonderful and I’m assured tasted even better.

Both dishes came with individual portions of veg – carrots, broccoli and the most amazing mashed turnip I have eaten in years: buttery and lashings of pepper, exactly the way I like it.

Neither of us could manage a dessert, although the Taylors of Biggar ice cream was certainly tempting.

We’ll just have to put that on the wish list for the next time.

The Elphinstone Hotel, 145 High Street, Biggar, 01899 220044