Election fever? Don’t sweat it!

Stuart Barber.
Stuart Barber.

Three weeks today every 18-year-old and over who has registered to do so will be invited to exercise their franchise and vote in the UK General Election.

At 126 polling stations across the district there will be 127 ballot boxes waiting to be filled by the opinions of those who make up Falkirk’s electoral roll.

By all accounts May 7 is going to be a close run race with opinion polls declaring the result too close to call.

One thing the ‘experts’ are agreeing on however is the way Scotland votes could be key to the way the political map of the UK looks come May 8.

Following our referendum last September - the one where the majority of Scots elected to remain part of the Union and rejected the SNP call to go it alone - voting fever continues to grip our nation.

Once again we have caught the attention of the rest of the country.

Despite losing that one, the Nationalists continue to claim it knows what’s best for us and a vote for them this time will make all the difference.

Certainly some of the stats being produced by the pollsters about where they are right now vote-wise are impressive.

With three weeks to go to consider all the arguments the SNP is being tipped for a landslide win here.

But consider this. On a 63.8 per cent turnout in 2010, just over 1 million of the 2.4 million votes cast gave Labour 41 MPs and the 500,000 for the SNP six.

As the clock ticks down to polling day there will be more amazing headlines, but in my view - and in fairness to the process - my hope is all the people who can vote will vote to ensure whatever the result it is the result of the majority voting because that’s what democracy is all about.