Edinburgh restaurant is the Bethlehem of beef

The lavish decor is dark and atmospheric. Picture: Chris MacKenzie Photography
The lavish decor is dark and atmospheric. Picture: Chris MacKenzie Photography

Steak lovers rejoice – I’ve found the Bethlehem of beef.

Normally I wouldn’t eat at such an upmarket joint as Steak in Edinburgh’s Picardy Place unless it was a special occasion. You’re talking between £27 and £33 for a steak on its own with sides on top.

But it was for Valentine’s Day and Karen had a £100 voucher for the place, a Christmas present from kind work colleagues, so we could enjoy a gorgeously expensive meal without the fear of breaking the bank – or running out before the bill came.

The restaurant is religious about its product and its bible is a great menu – simple, short and sweet. There’s more sides and starters than there are main meals because, obviously, it’s only steak.

You could just order a few of the delicious sides, but that would defeat the point of going to Steak, which is a highly pleasing experience.

Before you order the waiters bring a platter of raw steaks to your table and explain the different types – fillet, sirloin, t-bone and rump – and what part of the cow they come from, indeed, what type of cow they were once attached to, Aberdeen Angus or Orkney for instance.

I like to think the majestic beast which died to give me such pleasure on my visit was looking down from cow heaven saying “That was just for you kid, with love”. Maybe even a wee wink too.

The setting for a romantic Valentine’s meal couldn’t have been more perfect or intimate. The plush decor is dark and atmospheric and although it’s one big room, the clever layout of open shelving gives you the feeling that you’re in a smaller room all on your own while still being part of the rest of the sway.

I chose the t-bone, the most expensive one at £33, with sides of triple cooked beef dripping chips, garlic mushrooms and a bearnaise sauce, which comes with the steak.

Karen had a chunky fillet with a mixed peppercorn sauce, the same chips and some macaroni cheese.

The steak was so good I don’t think a word passed my lips throughout the meal as I couldn’t get enough. This pleased Karen no end though because I’d had a few and was starting to talk a bit too much – other friends will know the tediousness of this.

All the steaks come with homemade sauces and mustards of your choice, as well as bone marrow prised out of a round bone.

Not to my liking but I’m sure a more discernible pallet would appreciate it.

That said, Steak certainly has the right pedigree in all its other culinary delights.

Steak Restaurant

14A Picardy Place, Edinburgh EH1 3JT

0131 556 1289