Eating my way to Christmas

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace

I’ve gone a bit food daft lately. I genuinely think it’s something in the air. Ever since it started getting cold I’ve been asking for really hearty meals – stuff like beef casserole and chicken pie.

I don’t usually even like chicken pie, but oh my goodness, how I’m craving it now that the mercury in the thermometer has been plunging down below zero.

I even tried a medium – yes medium – cooked steak.

Daddy dearest brought me up eating my steak pretty much cremated, totally skipping the whole well done thing.

So for me to be 
eating something that’s still pink in the middle, well, go me.

I thought it was wonderful as well, which is always a positive; boyfriend’s dad 
is a brilliant cook.

And Nandos opening in Falkirk, that’s just
made my week honestly.

I really do love a Nandos so I do.

It isn’t just the big main courses that have got my tummy rumbling in anticipation though. Christmas time means sweeties, lots and lots 
of sweeties.

At the moment I’m sitting here with a bag of Coulters Candy’s Toffee in front of me, and let me tell you, the willpower it is taking for me not to rip that bag open and eat the whole thing is just extraordinary.

It’s great because it’s about now that all the teachers at school get all festive and feel they need to give us all sweets.

That really does make me happy, because that’s when you know that the Christmas holidays are getting close. Yay!

I do feel sorry for those who can’t eat your usual Haribos and such when teacher dishes them out. My pals Fraser and Sam are pretty much allergic to everything, bless them, so the replacement is usually a chocolate bar or some crisps.

I wouldn’t complain. Give me anything and I’ll eat it.

I don’t know how vegetarians and the like 
do it.

I tried it once, 
and never again. I can’t live without all my food.