Early start will prevent another break with tradition

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There may well still be 26 days to go – 25 of them opportunities to shop – but I am determined to be better organised this year.

For reasons which escape me, last Christmas found me wanting in key parts of the ‘ready to celebrate’ stakes.

Apart from completely forgetting about the outside lighting display - a fascinating line of hanging white icicles with the ability to flash and glow in any one of eight sequences – I also contrived to leave our life-size Santa in his sack at the back of the lobby cupboard and the ‘Please stop here’ sign on a shelf in the garage.

All three breaches of protocall were brought to my attention, just as I was about to carve the turkey, by my children who I really thought were old enough not to care that much about the tradition.

So, and apologies here to my neighbours who have young children and will be trying to keep the situation as low key as possible for as long as 
possible, the boxes are coming out and everything is being put up inside and out this weekend.

This will of course involve getting the ladders and step ladders out to reach the heights which must be 
reached to secure everything in place.

Given my rotten reputation with anything that has rungs this exercise has the potential to pose all sorts of threats to my health and safety.

Earlier this year a ‘‘straightforward’’ weekend DIY project (I was painting an outside wall) left me in agony after the ladders - or was it me - slipped with such alarming speed I was left nursing a sore back for the best part of the following week and a half doing a job that will remain half done until I can raise the cash to bring in a professional to finish it off properly.

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