Dyslexic officers are fully supported

Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong
Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong
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I met an officer this week who like many others is enthusiastic, intelligent and committed to their role in policing the Falkirk Area.

When this officer applied to join Police Scotland they worked hard to pass their exams and fitness and is now a valued member of our team at Falkirk. This officer is also dyslexic. Last week during Dyslexia Awareness Week I learned that one in ten children and adults in Scotland have dyslexia, meaning that they face each day with new challenges and it’s not just about spelling, reading and writing. Dyslexia can also cause difficulties with short-term memory, organisational and processing skills. Becoming a police officer is a tough journey and even more challenging for dyslexic officers but they are fully supported with adjustments made, when needed. The awareness of and the support provided by officers and staff in Forth Valley reinforces that where possible different learning styles such as dyslexia can be accommodated making it a positive career destination for many of our community.

Recruitment of full time officers is ongoing with a new intake starting soon. If you are considering a career in Police Scotland the first step is to contact our central recruiting team, details of which can be found on the Force website.