Duo on top form writing crime

Familiar names return in Patterson's sequel
Familiar names return in Patterson's sequel

James Patterson and Marshall Karp return with a gripping second helping of the crime-fighting adventures of detectives Kylie MacDonald and Zach Jordan.

When a body is found spinning on a carousel at the heart of Central Park, dressed in a Hazmat suit, the female victim is not only a high-influence political operator – she is also the fourth victim of a serial killer. The killer dishes out their own brand of justice against those they judge guilty – and makes each victim confess to their crime.

To get to the bottom of it, Zach and Kylie need to be on top form. But Kylie is far from being her usual self, and whatever it is she’s holding back could derail the biggest case of her career so far.

Kylie’s homelife is teetering on destruction and as her marriage starts to falter and her attention is divided. Can Zach stay focused for the two of them as the tension heats up and the chase to stop a fifth murder begins.

The authors weave a tale where the extent of corruption touches and links so many different walks of life, you truly don’t know what turn the killer will take next.

‘NYPD Red 2’ by James Patterson and Marshall Karp is published in hardback by Cornerstone, priced £18.99 (ebook £6.99)

Bestselling author Freya North returns with a new tale about one woman’s courage to face up to her past in order to change her disillusioned life. Oriana Taylor grew up in a commune for artists in Derbyshire alongside the Bedwell brothers Malachy and Jed. When her mum left, her father avoided his paternal duties, staying in his study to paint. During the summer when Oriana was 15, tragedy struck and she was sent away. But Oriana has decided to come home after nearly 20 years. After a few weeks of moping around, she decides to visit her childhood home, carefully avoiding her estranged dad. Once there, she encounters Jed, then Malachy later in town – and is forced to deal with her inner demons and comtemplate why she has returned. Will she resolve her issues and will she realise her true feelings for the brothers? A delightful read, which evokes the summers of our youth.

‘The Way Back Home’ by Freya North is published in hardback by HarperCollins, priced £12.99 (ebook £4.31)