Drone operators are, in fact, pilots

Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong
Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong

As summer is almost upon us planning is underway for many Gala Days, parades and processions.

These traditional events celebrate a community’s history and play an important part in the make-up of Falkirk’s urban and rural areas.

Officers will be deployed in support of many of these events. I’d encourage anyone who is attending to take care when parking as congestion and gridlock can ruin an otherwise great day.

In the last couple of years, officers have also reported seeing an increase in the use of drones, which offer a bird’s eye view of proceedings and can provide exciting and unusual images of events.

However, anyone wishing to use a drone must familiarise themselves with the associated legislation, including The Air Navigation Order 2016.

Safely used these drones have enormous potential – both in economic terms and as a hobby – but the operator is actually a pilot in terms of the legislation and must ensure they are aware of the limitations of their use.

Summer time can also lead to an increase in drink and drug driving offences,

Equally, no-one should operate a drone while under the influence.