Driving south into unknown

James Trimble.
James Trimble.

As a travelling troupe the Trimbles are no strangers to the land known as Eng and have hit a number of family-friendly holiday destinations over the years - Center Parcs, Legoland and the Norfolk Broads.

In May we had a great time in the Lake District and, thanks to Star Wars star Warwick Davis, made a point of visiting the world famous Pencil Museum in Keswick.

I actually did a three-year stretch in the country at the turn of the century, studying journalism in Darlington and then making a mockery of it at a local newspaper just below Manchester.

In all my adventures south of Hadrian’s Wall I never experienced any hostility because I was Scottish and actually felt more of a foreigner when I lived up in Moray.

One English guy did call me ‘Uncle Jock’ though and this big posh lassie would refer to me as her little ‘Porridge Troll’ when she had consumed a few student-priced sherberts.

The worst thing I had to put up with down south was incredulous looks from chippy staff when I tried to order a white pudding.

However, these are changing times we live in, so it’s going to be a bit tense when we head down next month, wondering if attitudes have changed towards the Scots.

In a recent web despatch, or ‘tweet’ as it is now known, I likened the referendum to a Michael Bay disaster movie – relief earth survived a brush with a giant meteor, but sadness for all the death and destruction it caused along the way.

There’s no doubt things have changed in Scotland, so it will be interesting to see how the English react when they hear my 
‘Scotch’ accent in a few weeks.