Driving force to a new start

They say the best things in life are free and I wholeheartedly agree, usually.

That was, until I bought my new car.

I’m not normally one for consumerism but on this occasion I have to say that buying a car has made my life a million times better.

I have longed for my own set of wheels since I passed my driving test eight years ago but I’ve never been able to afford one.

So, I was almost in a state of euphoria as I picked up my brand new, very own car last week.

The freedom I felt as I sat in the drivers seat was exactly as I had imagined.

A brief stint in 2007 being insured on my mum’s car ended in disaster, that’s all I’ll say about that, so to finally have my own car is something I’ve looked forward to for years.

Living in a small village has meant public transport was my only option, or catching a lift from long suffering parents. I’ve had to endure buses, trains and all that goes with them as I made my way through university, as most students do.

The worst part was being crammed on a bus in rush hour when someone sneezed.

One of those loud, all encompassing sneezes that you know isn’t just a sneeze. It’s loaded with germs that are going to give you at best, the sniffles or at worst, floor you with a bad case of the flu. This winter I caught a cold more times than I thought possible and I hold commuters on the bus fully responsible.

No amount of hand sanitizer could protect me.

But now I have my very own mode of transport and I can listen to whichever radio station I wish. I can stop off at the shops without planning ahead and I can go on trips to anywhere I feel like.

Priceless. Well, apart from the monthly direct debit.