Dreaming of a snow day from work

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I hope I’m not alone when I say that I’m finding it so much more difficult to get out of bed these days.

But, in the past week, I’ve had memories of my school days when my mum would have to hound me for about 30 minutes before I surfaced from my bed.

During that time, I would enjoy five-minute dozing sessions, with my mum’s voice making me feel guilty the whole time.

I would drift off into dreams, but the dreams were that I was out of bed, in the shower and getting dressed.

Then, when I came to, there was a massive disappointment when I found I was still in my pyjamas and very late for school.

I would rise eventually, but rarely shone.

In the last few days, now a mum myself, I have been dreaming that I’m up and dressed, having made my daughter’s breakfast and dragged a comb through her tangled tresses.

During my last snooze session, I even dreamed I’d defrosted the car and brushed a heap of snow off it.

I then woke up - late - and got the worst sinking feeling that I’m starting from scratch having just been through it all in my sleepy subconscious.

In three days, I’d gone through the hectic morning routine six times and there was no weekend reward.

However, the snowy mornings have also rekindled another fond school memory - your teacher nervously looking out the window and then declaring we should all go home “to be on the safe side”.

In the world of work, you learn that being sent home because of the snow is a rare occurrence and the kind of thing that you can but dream about.