Don’t you peak too soon kids

James Trimble.
James Trimble.

I’ve always been envious when I read stories of school pupils getting straight ‘A’s in their exams.

I got ‘A’s too of course – I got a ‘C’ and a ‘D’ a few times.

Never a particularly gifted or hardworking student I was just glad to get through my school days without making too many waves and move onto a stage in my life with less people per square metre around giving you orders and forcing their world view, wit and wisdom down your throat on a daily basis.

I soon realised people encounter different versions of the ‘school’ experience throughout their lives – I still get told what to do regularly in my home and work life, but with my advanced age I’m getting better at deciding whether I should bite the bullet and acquiesce (big word there for all you A students – listen to Oasis for reference) or risk disrupting the peace and tranquillity by telling someone to get knotted.

I pick and choose my battles is what I’m saying.

When I hear someone say they loved school and they were the “best days of their lives” I feel a genuine sadness for them and then go on my uneducated way – probably the wrong way as I never stuck in at geography.

Unlike the quint-essential wonder kid, for whom anything less than an A plus is seen as a disaster, I have embraced my many failures in life and learned (eventually) from them.

People can say a lot of things about me, but no one will ever be able to state I peaked too early – unlike those who have enjoyed major success and ‘A’ claim before they have even started shaving.

By achieving very little in my life so far, I am still on the upward journey.

At this rate I should reach my full potential and peak at around 145-years-old.