Don’t risk it: don’t drink and drive ...

Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong
Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong

Officers have been out on additional patrols, both on the roads and in towns and villages, as part of the Christmas initiative to keep people safe.

Unfortunately, it’s no surprise that yet again we have detected drivers who are over the limit.

Given the level of recent publicity and additional patrols, that is concerning as drivers who ignore these warnings run the risk of causing serious accidents.

Supported by the roads policing unit, we are using a combination of intelligence led targeting of offenders, enforcement activity, increased patrols and facilitating stops on vehicles where the driver is believed to be impaired.

Can I please reiterate the importance of planning your night out – when visiting friends and family it’s so important to identify how you will be getting home.

Driving the car after drinking alcohol is not advisable – driving over the prescribed limit is illegal but can also be dangerous.

The best approach when you take the car is to have no alcohol at all.

The drink drive alcohol limit is low and even one drink may put you over the legal limit. So don’t risk it – don’t drink and drive.