Don’t lie to find love on the web

Maureen Kennedy
Maureen Kennedy
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I recently asked a couple in their 80s how they had met. “We met at the dancing”, they replied. “Everyone did. They didn’t have internet dating in those days!”.

And a 60-year marriage was certainly testament to the power of dance.

Back in the day, school discos and youth clubs were a magnet for teenagers looking for a date and hoping desperately that the boy they fancied would ask them to dance.

In the ’60s and ’70s I remember a company called Dateline where you went along to an agency, registered and a nice lady behind a desk would select suitable ‘dates’ for you.

There are still pages in the newspapers devoted to those seeking companionship. And, of course, there is a huge industry devoted to helping us fine the perfect partner online.

A few years ago, online dating was still considered a bit risque. A friend of mine was horrified to learn that her friend had found her partner that way. Three years on, this same friend is now married to the man she met online having decided it probably was a good idea.

Other friends have despaired of the characters who have turned up for the meeting having clearly been less than honest in their description of themselves.

Another lady I know signed up to a site (for a laugh) to find out how her ex-husband was describing himself having found out that he was looking online. She wasn’t looking herself but ended up being spotted by an old university friend. They met for a drink for old time’s sake and have now been blissfully happy together for the last year.

With so many people using the internet for job hunting, all kinds of shopping and so much more besides, is it any surprise that we are turning to the computer keyboard when looking for love?

And why not? There are very sensible guidelines about how to meet people safely and certainly more and more people are revealing that they have met this way.

But I think honesty is the best policy. There’s no point inventing a lifestyle and interests that you cannot live up to or using a photo that is far from realistic. If you start out with a lie, it doesn’t bode well for a relationship.

I am not sure where you would go for a dance these days, so maybe it’s time for strictly come dating online!