Don’t let the football ruin a good wedding

Colin Hume.
Colin Hume.
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It’s difficult enough to decide the best day for a wedding without taking into account the football fixture list.

Do you go for the summer in the hope of getting some good weather or just trust in fate?

Do you opt for a weekend when more people are likely to be available or a Friday when it will be cheaper?

Whatever you decide, it could all fall apart if your special day happens to coincide with a big football match.

I went for the summer in the hope of avoiding such a clash only for it to land slap bang in the middle of a World Cup that Scotland actually qualified for. Luckily for us, they weren’t playing that day but it wouldn’t have been the first time I’d been to a wedding where half the guests were tuning into radios.

A colleague of mine almost had the nightmare scenario when she was maried at the weekend, with both the Scottish Cup and Champions League finals taking place that day.

Thankfully, her husband-to-be’s team were knocked out in an earlier round and the dream El Classico final didn’t come about either.

Yes, a few of us did retire to the bar to watch the penalties, but it couldn’t spoil a great night.

Good luck Donna and Sean!