Don’t get taken for granted

Maureen Kennedy
Maureen Kennedy

When Annie left college, she quickly found a job in sales. Her likeable personality and workethic made her good at it and she regularly met and broke through her sales targets soreceived good bonuses. She wasn’t very ambitious but did find it hard when some of her colleagues were promoted to senior sales positions while she stayed put. She was good at what she did and could always be relied upon.

One day, a former colleague, who had left to work for another company, asked to see her and offered her a much better job. She was slightly hesitant, but was persuaded that she was being somewhat taken for granted where she was and this new job would be more rewarding.

Such was her success with the new job, a better salary and bonuses, she began to regret not havingmade a move sooner. Then three years later, her old boss met up with her at a social function and asked her to go back. He offered her the position of sales manager on nearly double the salary she had been on and all sorts of other incentives. He said he had only realised how good she was after she had gone.

The moral here is never to underestimate your worth. In any job, if you work hard and do well, people will have noticed. If you are lucky, your boss will recognise your skills and reward you accordingly. Or they may just rest easy that they have you, say all the right things but not reward you and assume you will stay put. If that’s ok with you, fine. Otherwise, polish up your CV and look for something else but don’t make idle threats about leaving. There’s nothing worse than someone always saying they are going to leave and obviously just hoping someone will plead withthem to stay.

Some people don’t like change. They feel lucky to have a job, don’t want to risk upsetting anyoneby leaving and may stay in the same place all their working life. Nothing wrong with that if it makes you happy and gives you what you want. Maybe your parents worked for the same company and you feel loyalty. That’s fine too. But people change jobs all the time and often say they wish they had made a move sooner.