Don’t gamble with your life on roads

Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong
Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong

Officers in Falkirk undertake joint operations with national enforcement agencies on a regular basis.

Last Wednesday, they took part in a joint operation with The Gambling Commission and visited betting shops.

Betting shops which do not follow rules and regulations aimed at ensuring gambling is fair, safe and crime-free can expect regulatory action. The joint operation was coordinated to raise awareness with betting shop staff of the risks to the premises from crime.

These visits also ensured that the betting shops were operating appropriately.

Visits were conducted with the cooperation of betting shop operators and followed on from other such visits across the country.

Local officers have also been responding to concerns regarding speeding drivers.

Officers targeted areas of concern, identified by the public and councillors.

We have committed to deploy with hand held radar equipment, when possible.

We have also linked in with the council’s roads department which has provided research to identify the best times for deployment.

Speed checks are in place to detect offenders but also reinforce to all drivers that speeding is unacceptable.