Don’t become a fellow addict

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The odd craze that’s sweeping the nation has left me a bit baffled.

Well, not baffled, actually, more sort of annoyed, verging on the slightly angry.

In fact, more than that.

I hate that little yellow bird that refuses to fit through the green gaps in the air.

My name is Sophie Wallace, and I am addicted to ‘Flappy Bird’.

For those who are unaware of the ‘Flappy Bird’ that I am referring to, it’s the latest Android and iOS game that’s left the majority of Scotland’s teenagers in a bit of a tizz. Considering that it’s ranked as number one in the free section of the Apple App Store, I think it’s fair to say ‘Flappy Bird’ has become the new ‘Candy Crush’.

It’s stupidly frustrating, ridiculously addictive, and leaves you in a state of anger so large that you’re seriously contemplating hurtling your phone towards the nearest brick wall, with the only thing stopping you being the little voice in your head whispering, “No, you must beat your high score.”

I’m slightly embarrassed that my high score is only 18. Compared to the rest of my friends, I’m not doing very well. One is at 54, another on 72... Mind you, poor Claire, on Monday afternoon she was sitting on the grand total of five. At least I’m doing a bit better than that.

It’s rather amusing watching people getting annoyed at it. Although it looks relatively easy, and the concept behind seems quite simple, I can assure you that this is one of the most difficult games I’ve played.

I try not to get too agitated by it.

I wish I could say the same for everyone else. Especially boyfriend.

Three times over the course of the weekend he almost threw his iPod away in disgust, the iPod which he just received a week ago. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s broken within the next week.

Usually I would end with a positive comment, but this week no. Usually, I would say “go ahead, download it!”

But no. Do not download this game. If you do, be prepared for the addiction that follows. And don’t say I didn’t warn you.