Don’t be an easy target for thieves

Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong
Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong

Recently, officers have seen an increase in break-ins to homes, sheds and commercial premises.

In particular homes are being broken into and keys taken for vehicles in the drive which are then also stolen.

These thefts mainly occur in the early hours but on a couple of occasions have also been in the early evening.

Additional resources have been deployed, including plain clothes and uniform officers, supported by the roads team and specialist crime investigators.

Officers have been distributing home safety leaflets in affected areas as some of these thefts have occurred because owners have left their vehicle open or a door to their property unlocked.

We are committed to investigating these crimes and a large amount of patrol time is currently taken up trying to prevent them.

So I’m appealing for readers to take more care when securing their vehicles and homes overnight – remember it only takes a few seconds to open a door and remove property.

Make sure your keys are stored safely at home, out of sight if possible, and check all your doors at home are locked. And, if you have an alarm, set it before bed.