Do you see anyone laughing now?

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

There’s a point when things stop being a joke.

It’s a stage when you stop laughing about something that you should shrug off and just become angry instead.

This point came, for me, at around 6 p.m. on Monday.

You’ll note that Monday was the first of June, a real midway time in the year when our plants start to bloom, you can fire up the barbecue and see dozens of children pedal their bikes in their shorts and t-shirts,

But no.

Instead we were fighting through gale-force winds and driving hard rain.

People who were not running for the shelter of their cars or houses were dashing to the nearest travel agents just to escape the dreadful conditions the Scottish summer is battering us with this year.

I saw little tots being pulled around by their parents wearing last winter’s coats, plant pots being blown into massive puddles, deserted play parks, and abandoned outdoor toys.

But it’s the things I heard that really stood out.

People used to joke about the weather; it’s almost a pre-requistite of being Scottish.

A comment about the rain, snow or cold is always something you can reach for if you’re stuck for conversation with someone.

“Aye, it’s another cold one, isn’t Jean?” is pretty much all I say to my neighbour each morning.

“This weather would sicken you,” is how my mother starts most of her conversations, and “that wind would cut you in two” is what my friend says when she tries to explain her wild hair.

But on Monday, people were just down right angry.

“Just makes you think why we live here, doesn’t it?” said one pee-d off passenger on the train on Monday night.

“My pal lives in the Australia,” she went on, “that’s the way to live.”

A friend of mine moved down under years ago.

She now has Aussie citizenship and a completely different life.

She worries about not have enough food for a BBQ, how much a house with a covetted north-facing garden would cost her, and how champagne is a relatively cheap drinks choice.

Nice worries to have, I’ll admit, but most of us know we could never turn our backs on our home despite the temptation.

In saying that, the weather does owe us a big apology but luckily it still has time to make amends.