Do I stick with a real tree this Christmas?

Falkirk Herald editor Colin Hume
Falkirk Herald editor Colin Hume

I’ve got a a big decision to make this year ... do I stay real or go artificial?

I’m talking about Christmas trees and I haven’t got long to make up my mind as the first weekend of December is traditionally the time when the Hume household goes shopping for the festive favourite.

As far back as I remember we’ve opted for a real tree but, while they look great, they’re not without their problems.

Go for a budget tree and you’ll be sweeping up the needles within a week (and still finding them when the next festive season comes around), but set your sights higher and you’ll be left with a sizeable hole in your Christmas budget.

Of course, an artificial tree which looks the part doesn’t come cheap either, but, of course, you can bring it out year after year.

I must admit I’m leaning towards the latter option but I do so with a heavy heart as I’m something of a traditionalist (I still carve a turnip rather than a pumpkin at Halloween).

If I do go down that route I worry that it might be the start of a rocky road. Beef instead of turkey, mashed rather than roasted potatoes, pillow cases instead of socks ...

Maybe I’ll buy a real one again after all!