Diving, cheating, biting – I’ve had a laugh though!

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

I’ve come to the firm conclusion that footballers are big spoiled babies and that the sport is not a gentleman’s one anymore.

I’m not the biggest footy fan, but you can’t escape the World Cup because there have been two games on every night.

Not that I don’t like the tournament or anything. I think it’s a great sporting spectacle. But it’s just not the same without the heartache of watching the glorious defeats Scotland always seem to suffer.

My pals and I have had quite a few laughs watching the other aspects other than the football, like way overly-excited South American commentators.

The Colombian guy who shouted GOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL for about five minutes after that young player who looks about 16 scored against Uruguay was brilliant.

I also love the crowd shots when the fans see themselves on the big screens then go absolutely wild when they realise they’re on TV.

It’s even funnier when the camera is focusing in on a really pretty woman then some ugly fat bloke jumps in front of her and totally bombs her moment in the limelight by obscuring her from sight.

My male friends hate that. I wonder what the cameraman is thinking at those times.

But you’ve got to laugh at all these so-called superstars who dive around trying win penalties and fouls after a player taps them on the sock.

Honestly, watching some of these guys fly through the air and roll around I thought I was watching the Olympics.

That Dutch guy Robben is one of the worst. And what’s that Suarez character all about biting someone? That’s not the spirit of the “Beautiful Game” is it?

I love wee Gordon Strachan’s analysis as well. He tells it like it is. I also remember him scoring for Scotland in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. To celebrate he tried to jump one of the advertising hoardings but couldn’t do it because he was so small. Aw bless. I hope as Scotland’s manager he can get us to the next one. Would be funny to see all the Scottish beer bellies camera-bombing our women.