Disney holiday is a tough shift

'Despite my moaning, I'd go back to Disney'
'Despite my moaning, I'd go back to Disney'

I’ll never moan about waiting in a queue again. Until you’ve been to Euro Disney you don’t know what a queue is!

I’ve just returned after spending three days there and I don’t know how anyone can trek those parks for two weeks – three days nearly killed me. I need another holiday to recover.

The walking about the parks is fine, no problems, it’s the waiting in the queues that kills you. Most of the rides we waited for an hour or more.

With the Fastpass you can only book one ride at a time so when a colleague told me to go to the Ratatouille ride first and book the Fastpass because it’s always “rammed”, that’s what we did. The only problem was we went there at 11.30am, the Fastpass ticket booked us in at 4.45pm so we had nearly all day where we couldn’t jump queues. This made me slightly crabbit.

We even queued for an hour for the Slinky ride in the Toy Story park and were on it for less than a minute.

In saying all that, I did really enjoy the experience. The Wild West and Crushy’s rollercoasters were fast and quite scary at bits. And for someone who doesn’t like heights, the Hot Wheels ride was brilliant, although I almost did myself a mischief in my new chino shorts.

My nine-year-old daughter loved it as well. She’s a bit lazy like me and moaned as well but was mostly in awe of everything, especially at the Disney character dinner where they all come round your table and pose for pictures.

We spent a day and night in London and Paris too on stuff like the London Eye and watched the Eiffel Tower twinkle in the darkness – a sight Louisa described as “awesome”.