Debate doesn’t impress me

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Surely it cannot just be me that thinks the independence debates are getting a little out of hand?

It’s really starting to annoy me, the fact that not one person partaking in these events can bring a single valuable point to the table. I find that the performances, especially in the most recent debate on Monday night, have been absolutely disgraceful, and are solely being used as a point-scoring exercise by both Better Together and the Yes campaign.

I think I’ve made it quite obvious as to which side I’m swaying towards in the referendum, but even I’ll be the first to admit that Alistair Darling completely messed up on Monday night. His nervous stuttering and constant pointing of fingers only gave Alex Salmond more ammunition and better opportunities to get one up on him. I’m hoping that his apparent win from the first televised debate between the two didn’t go to his head, and that if a third and final debate is organised, then he has to really pull his finger out, and preferably stop waving it around aimlessly.

Salmond was annoying me too. Between his constant uttering under his breath over how ‘‘invalid’’ some of Darlings points were, and his strolling about the stage (obviously his attempt to connect with the audience), he just came across as a moaning child who wasn’t getting his own way.

I’ve honestly become so angry about this whole subject matter. These debates were made to give answers and to reassure the people of Scotland that everything was going to improve and get better in the result of either a yes or no vote.

These debates were not made for the people of Scotland to watch those involved shout stupid and frankly irrelevant remarks to one another.

Frankly, I think it’s disgusting that two of the most influential people in today’s society are acting like this.

I feel sorry for the undecided, because, if I were you, then I would be crawling under a rock on the 18th and not reappearing for at least a month.