Dealing with a plague of emails

Colin Hume.
Colin Hume.

I’ve returned to work on Monday after a two-week break ... and was met by an avalanche of emails.

By contrast there were barely a handful of letters sitting behind the front door when we arrived home.

Oh, how times have changed.

This is the first occasion when I’ve actually kept to my promise not to check work emails during my holiday – even though my finger hovered over the app on a number of occasions – and it defintely made for a more relaxing break.

However, much of that good work had been undone by lunchtime on Monday as I continued to wade my way through the 300+ messages filling my in box.

It’s a far cry from my early days in journalism when the only clearing that had to be undertaken on your return from a fortnight off was to move the assocuiated debris that had built up on your desk courtesy of your colleagues too lazy to atcually throw any of it away.

A quick catch-up on the office gossip and you were ready to face the week ahead.

I’m sure some of the bad memories have been lost in the mists of time but it did seem a more carefree world back then ...