Counting down the days until I start my new calendar

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In days gone by a ritual at this time of year was the distribution of the abundance of free calendars that landed on my desk.

It seemed that every firm would have one printed and handed out as way of a thank you for the support they had received (and in the hope that it would get them further business in the months ahead).

Nowadays, of course, every penny is a prisoner and the supply of such freebies has all but dried up.

Last year, however, I was lucky enough to be sent a snazzy wee calendar featuring the work of Higher photography pupils at Denny High School which has adorned my desk over the last 12 months.

Well laid out and featuring some very artistic views, it was alway a pleasure to flip over to the next page and see what image awaited me.

The move into December, however, brought with it the realisation that time was nearly up for my faithful friend.

However, just I was mulling over the prospect of a visit to the shops to avail myself of a replacement calendar, Denny High’s 2013 version arrived in the post.

It’s another cracker and, as an added bonus, this time features the names of the talented pupils as well as their excellent work.