Countdown is under way ... but it’s a long one for kids

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Well, as I said last week, you get Halloween and Guy Fawkes night out the way and then the official countdown to Christmas starts.

Seems the fireworks and Dracula masks were barely in the reduced section at the supermarket before the festive marketing blast began.

Now, you can’t move for Christmas wrapping paper blocking the aisles and I’ve already heard that terrible Wizard track at least 10 times. It’s just getting ridiculous – this is only the middle of November!

I seem to remember that it used to be considered unlucky to put Christmas decorations up before December 1 but last weekend – a full six and a half weeks before the big day – while shopping in Livingston I noticed all the lights were illuminated, dozens of trees up and an area earmarked for Santa’s grotto saying ‘opening soon’.

It’s terribly confusing for the wee ones. My grandson Jack was enthralled during the weekend shopping trip and wanted to stop and stare at every tree and bauble decoration. When he spotted Santa’s grotto he nearly had a fit and was desperate to chap on the wee gingerbread house door to speak to the big man in red.

Try explaining to a three-year-old that he has well over a month to wait before Mr Claus will visit his house and several weeks before he can even start opening the doors on his advent calendar.

This is the first year the wee soul has been old enough to properly grasp the concept of Christmas and he is so excited about Santa after learning about him in nursery. Every morning he asks his mum how many sleeps to go.

While his enthusiasm for the event has reignited a festive feeling in my house, I can’t help think it’s just a little early.

If the shops didn’t start their marketing campaigns at the beginning of November, the kids wouldn’t think Christmas was round the corner and be driving their parents potty.

I might sound like a Scrooge but I actually love Christmas and look forward to buying and wrapping presents. I even secretly like the stress and panic that precedes Christmas dinner.

I just wish we were given a bit more time in between yuletides.

Despite my moans about Christmas starting early, I’ve already started my gift buying.

There are so many presents to buy and only one pay day left to get them with.

I like to buy presents throughout the year and tuck them away until December 25. The only problem is, I frequently forget either what I’ve bought and buy duplicates or forget where I’ve hidden them and then find them during my spring clean.

So I suppose that explains why the shops start their marketing campaigns so early – because mugs like me are sucked in and keep their tills ringing right up to Christmas Eve!

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