Could you pass your test today?

Jill Buchanan
Jill Buchanan

People, usually the older generation, are always quick to complain about young drivers.

It usually revolves around their perceived inability to follow the Highway Code and the speed at which they are driving.

But in the week when the Driving Test celebrates its 80th anniversary I wonder how many motorists would pass if they had to sit it today.

And I hold my hands up that I would have qualms, particularly about attempting the theory section.

I can still remember it as a pretty terrifying experience and I’m glad that I only faced it once. I’m sure the pressure must be unbearable for those having to sit it again ... and again.

But I believe that you don’t really begin to learn about what makes a good driver until you are let loose on the open road.

However, some people seem to forget almost everything they are taught the minute they get behind the wheel. For instance, I’m amazed at the number of cars that are sold today without indicators – or at least that’s how it appears.