You might find the angels’ share at Whiski Rooms

The Whiski Rooms at the top of The Mound in Edinburgh is cosy and cool with a view Princes StreetThe Whiski Rooms at the top of The Mound in Edinburgh is cosy and cool with a view Princes Street
The Whiski Rooms at the top of The Mound in Edinburgh is cosy and cool with a view Princes Street
Shopping trips in town aren’t too bad when they end with a decent munch and my latest did just that.

A visit around the stores in Princes Street isn’t my idea of how to spend weekends, but our capital does have a growing number of really good eateries in the city centre and we stumbled upon one following an exhausting climb up The Mound. Well, it was exhausting after walking around shops all day.

Anyway, the Whiski Rooms is in a fantastic location sitting just up from The Mound before you turn the corner that takes you up onto the Royal Mile and is stretched over three kind of shop fronts.

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And it’s not just a restaurant either, the whiskey shop stocks hundreds of different types of the amber nectar and the staff are really friendly, helpful and seem to know all there is to know about the stuff. A Japanese tourist’s dream I would imagine.

So this was to be the place to rest our weary feet for an hour-and-a-half and it proved a brilliant choice.

The decor is very rustic capturing the Old Town Edinburgh feel perfectly and if you’re lucky like we were you’ll get a window seat with views out across the city centre over the gardens to Princes Street and the Scots Monument.

There’s lots of pictures on the walls of whiskeys and Scottish landscapes with Celtic writing and copper fittings. In one of the sandstone walls sits a bottle of Ardbeg in what looks like a little gaol with a padlock.

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It was the lunch menu we ordered from and it had a few tempting dishes. The traditional Scottish surroundings must have struck a chord with me because I was suddenly in the mood for haggis in the shape of spring rolls while Karen chose the pan fried tiger prawns.

The spring rolls were really crisp and light, the haggis nice and spicy and flavoursome, and they came with a thick, deep burgundy coloured plum sauce that was absolutely delicious.

It is a great combination I highly recommend.

The prawns looked beautiful, and I was assured they were, accompanied by capers and a basil and lemon oil.

The presentation of both dishes made them look even more tantalising and it wasn’t long before they were finished.

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Karen was in a good mood as her team Hibs had just beaten their title rivals Rangers that day, and mixed with having some food in us, our weariness began to fade by the time the mains came and we were in fine fettle.

I ordered the chicken supreme, again the presentation giving the dish a mouth-watering look that you couldn’t wait to tuck in.

The chicken, which came on the bone with a crispy skin, was stacked up over a lovely soft mash along with a mixture of roasted and fine looking long vegetables including parsnip and carrot, peas, wilted spinach and a carrot puree I initially thought was mustard due to its colour.

The crispy skin really did its job and added a lot of flavour, while the tarragon jus brought it all together nicely. Absolutely superb. Karen’s haggis burger was towering in a brioche bun with a massive portion of the sheep’s delicacy plumped on top.

For dessert we shared a nice sticky toffee pudding with a soft vanilla ice cream.

It there is such a thing as the angels share, I think you’ll find it in here.

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