Time for us all to stay in our homes

What strange times we find ourselves in? When I wrote last week’s column little did I think that within seven days we would all be confined to our homes.

By Kate Livingstone
Thursday, 26th March 2020, 10:59 am
Updated Thursday, 26th March 2020, 12:31 pm

However, the reason is justified and important if all of us, but particularly our elderly and vulnerable, are to have the best chance of surviving the pandemic.

Sitting at my dining room table, laptop plugged in and ready to go, there’s an eerie silence about the place.

It’s not because I’m home along but everyone seems to be following the Prime Minister and First Minister’s advice – thank goodness – and social isolating ... but quietly.

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There’s no cars going up and down the street, no-one out and about to stop and chat to neighbours.

I’m not sure how I’m going to survive this homeworking business. Like many of you I’ve done it in the past but usually through choice when I wanted to catch up with something or needed some peace and quiet.

But at the moment there is far too much quiet for my liking!

I did get up this morning and went through my usual routine. Decided that if I sat about in my pjs all day then I really wouldn’t be in work mode.

Although I did contemplate perhaps a work top and jogging bottoms as they wouldn’t be seen in the video calls I’ve to dial in to but then decided that wouldn’t put me in the correct work mode.

Sadly my holiday in mid-May will not be taking place, but we can always book another break some time, much more important to be safe and healthy.

And there is probably no way I would fit into my holiday wardrobe after spending several weeks at home in close proximity to the fridge and biscuit tin.

I didn’t panic-buy but did ensure that there was a supply of sweet treats and wine!

Thanks for all those who have enquired about how my mum is coping with her self-isolation.

We may have all thought she was a bit premature in her decision to stay indoors and the arrangements she made, but it would seem that she was taking the correct action – and she’s not letting us forget it.

It was a very strange Mother’s Day not being able to all get together as a family and I’m sure it was the same for many of you.

Thanks to the nice weather I was able to pop round and we sat at opposite ends of the garden for a brief chat.

Sadly we weren’t able to see Emma and her two ensure that we all stay safe but we have managed to get mum set up to use FaceTime and she was delighted to be able to see and talk to her great-grandchildren.

Yes it is definitely strange times, but what has impressed me is how people, in the main, are just getting on with it.

Of course, we are all worried and concerned because this certainly isn’t what we are used to.

I feel sorry for all those who have organised weddings and other special events which they are having to cancel for now. Remember, at the other end of this there will be plenty time for us all to enjoy ourselves, but for now health is a priority.

Stay safe everyone and remember #ThereWithYou.