Take Note: Rock and roll roundabout

Being a music fan is a lot like life. Swings and roundabouts. Moments of euphoria interspersed with deep, dark troughs.

Take that moment when your favourite band shames themselves in public by drunkenly slandering someone.

Another cardinal sin is producing an album that’s not quite up to previous standards. You see, the artist enters into a non-refundable contract with their fans, and a simple apology won’t cut it.

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AC/DC are currently treating their legacy with the kind of care Keith Moon afforded his drum kit. Now singer Brian Johnson – who was, it turns out, second choice to Slade’s Noddy Holder anyway – has been forced to retire or go deaf.

There could only be one replacement. Axl Rose from Guns n’Roses. And if you’re keeping a rock naughty list, they check all the boxes.

But can a lineup change be grounds for a compensation claim? Have you been mis sold a Freddie Mercury soundalike?

Fans of The Fall have for aeons shut up and put up with Mark E Smith’s revolving door policy which has seen the irascible vocalist the only ever-present member from a cast of well over 60 musicians.

Smith once said: ‘‘If it’s me and your granny on bongos it’s The Fall’’.