In praise of hairdressers across Falkirk district

Have you ever had the experience when you look at someone and feel it is just like looking in a mirror?

By Kate Livingstone
Friday, 22nd May 2020, 11:53 am

Have you ever had the experience when you look at someone and feel it is just like looking in a mirror?

Well that’s what happened just the other day.

I was out in the garden and next door’s dog popped its head up over the wall to see who was disturbing its sleep.

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It’s one of these cute little, fluffy things and has a lovely temperament.

I’d like to say that the entire description could also apply to me but at the moment it’s definitely the ‘fluffy’ part.

For along with so many of you it’s been over two months since I saw the inside of a hairdressing salon and every day I think I get more like little Daisy next door.

She’s not been to the doggie grooming parlour but at least her owner is able to cut the fringe that is bouncing into her eyes.

Me? Well Emma has banned me from taking any sort of remedial action of my own.

“No way mum,” she said when I first mooted the idea.

“Why not? It would just be a little bit of my fringe to 
stop it flopping into my eyes and maybe a little off the 
ends ...”

“Firstly, you probably don’t have sharp enough scissors.”


“Secondly, you have really thick, bouncy hair that your hairdresser always says is a challenge to cut, far less you doing it for the first time.”

Also true.

“And thirdly, I couldn’t stand listening to you complaining about it every time we talk.”

Definitely true.

So it seems that I’m just going to have to put up with it for the moment until we get the good news that hairdressers can reopen.

I’d happily put up with a hairdresser in full PPE and wear likewise if it meant getting this mop of hair seen to soon, but for now it’s a waiting game.

But it’s not just the getting my haircut that I miss, it’s the couple of hours of sitting back knowing that I don’t have anything else to do but be pampered.

A nice cup of coffee and a few glossy magazines and I’m sorted.

Then there’s putting the world to rights with my hairdresser.

We’ve known each other for more years than either of us probably want to think about and we’ve been through a lot together: having children, marriage woes, becoming a grandmother, changing jobs ... and that’s just me.

But she’s always someone that I know will provide a good listening ear and offer her advice that more often than not, I’m happy to follow.

We’ve been keeping in touch by text messages but it’s not the same and I’m looking forward to finally catching up.

I’m sure my two hours in the salon are better for me than any time spent in therapy!

With the 50 days in lockdown now past there’s been lots of surveys about what people want to do first.

Understandably for most it’s to see loved ones, but apparently a trip to the hairdresser is next and then a visit to a restaurant or bar.

I can definitely say that after seeing my children and grandchildren, there is no way I’ll be going anywhere until I’ve made that visit to the hair salon.