POLICE CALL: Community is key for ward officers

The recent rainfall has been unprecedented and Police Scotland has been inundated with calls to assist the public.

While Falkirk escaped the serious flooding experienced in Perthshire, Aberdeenshire and across the Borders, the significant rainfall still contributed to traffic delays and localised flooding issues.

Additional officers from the Falkirk area also travelled to Perth to assist in the coordinated efforts to support local communities and re-emphasised the national approach Police Scotland is taking when dealing with emergency issues.

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It is part of the success of Police Scotland that when required it can mobilise resources across the country.

In recognition of the needs of the Falkirk community, Forth Valley Division introduced a revised deployment prior to the turn of the year.

So far the feedback from communities and officers is good, communities and local councillors highlighting the revised ward officer appointments as being a positive step in maintaining a community presence.

I too am pleased with the deployment model; it has increased response policing resources and cemented our commitment to local policing.