Opinion: Wearing a mask is a small price to pay to keep us safe

During the last 16 months I’ve often thought that if prior to March 2020 you would have told me that I would be going out in public wearing a mask then I would have laughed.

Wednesday, 14th July 2021, 4:45 pm

Now if I laugh in public, you don’t know because I’m wearing a face covering.

And I’ll gladly wear one for months to come if it keeps me and others safe.

This week’s announcement that restrictions in Scotland would be easing – not lifted as so many had hoped – also had the caveat that we will be wearing face coverings for some time to come.

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Wearing face coverings on public transport first became mandatory on June 22 last year

There have been those who moan about their use but is it that big an imposition when we know that it is one of the ways we can safeguard not only ourselves, but others in our communities.

Those of us who only have to wear them in shops or on public transport should be thankful that it is not a necessity during our working day.

Particularly as the temperatures rise, it must be difficult. But do you see the hospital staff, shop workers or others who are required to wear them for lengthy periods discarding them?

I firmly believe that the mandatory wearing of masks should have been introduced sooner.

However, what I do admit to finding difficult to comprehend is all the mixed messages.

I accept that it is partly through choice that people may wear a face covering when out walking, but is their any benefit? Is this something we should all be doing?

Watching Wimbledon last week I spotted that some people in the crowd wore masks, as did some of the officials, but should everyone not have had to put one on when they closed the roof? Surely this then meant they were within a venue.

Speaking to family and friends it seems that many are also intending to keep wearing masks while in crowded places.

But everyone has the same concern about those who flaunt the rules and put others at risk.

We’ve come too far to