Battalion president back home as virus hits

I’m pleased to bring to you news which, as I write, brightens our outlook on these viral times. A bit more than a week ago president of Falkirk & District Battalion of the Boys’ Brigade, having extreme difficulties in breathing, was taken into the Forth Valley Hospital at Larbert where following isolation and testing was found to have the Coronavirus and was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit dealing with such patients. He was on oxygen to help his breathing and as days went by, this was reduced, allowing him to be relocated in a more ‘normal’ ward of four where his spirits seem to be lifted. Thereafter when the improvement continued a further assessment was made allowing him to return home, still in self isolation, but back with his family. What great news and thanks from all of us for the NHS care and for the combined prayers of so many. Perhaps appropriate is this account as we move into the Easter season, mirroring some of the difficulties and darkness that Jesus faced in his final days in Jerusalem. However as a people of faith we know the story did not end there and now we rejoice that He is risen and is alive. Perhaps a unique opportunity at this point in ‘lockdown’ to remind us that there is hope amongst the despair.

For those following the #BBatHOME programme from BB HQ, there are now further activity packs available; encouragement also to get involved in the online BB’s Got Talent I mentioned last week. Perhaps taking a leaf from that book and raising a smile are the boys and staff from 3rd Bearsden Company who have posted on Facebook a short video entitled the ‘‘Bog Roll Challenge’’ where a well guarded loo roll is batted in and out of shot between officers, boys, a passing motor cyclist; variously part of gymnastic exercise, keepie-upie, volleyball and finally back to the safe keeping of the officer who all through has been engrossed in his reading of ‘‘The Gazette’’. Best wishes and keep safe. It’s working!