Column: Whipping up a manageable New Year’s resolution

Jonathon Reilly
Jonathon Reilly

As January comes to a close, many of us will already be struggling with our New Year’s resolutions.

Losing weight, eating healthily and exercising more regularly are often among the most common goals we set for ourselves at the beginning of each year.

But we all know sticking to diets and obeying those rules you set out for yourself can be something of a chore at times.

However, the biggest difficulty I had was actually choosing a resolution – and making sure it was an achievable one.

So great was my struggle to come up with something during the post-Christmas lull, it only dawned on me last weekend I really should make more of an effort in the kitchen.

If making toast or Super Noodles was an Olympic sport, I’m confident I would at least get a medal.

It may not sound a lot but I’ve set myself the challenge of learning how to rustle up some semi-simple dishes which won’t leave my family members green at the gills.

Despite successfully completing a Sober October attempt a couple of years ago, I know I’m too fond of a beer at the weekend to abstain from booze entirely.

It’s a similar situation with snacks such as crisps, so I admire those who have the willpower to completely give up drinking or eating fatty foods.

I also respect that rather unique bracket of people who manage to kick their habit and then replace it with something like mountain biking.

If you can relate to this, I take my hat off to you.

I, however, will get started on what I’m sure will be a delicious/disastrous first attempt at spaghetti bolognese.

I wish you all luck with sticking to your respective resolutions.