Column: Task that I’d love to forget about

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First of all we had the mum complaining about the supermarket delivery driver who wouldn’t bring her shopping up several flights of stairs.

Now we have another store where they are offering that their delivery staff will bring your weekly shop into your home – when you are not there – and put away the perishable items in the fridge and freezer!

It’s one of those task I hate – putting bag loads of shopping away.

It was worse when my two were younger and there was lots more food consumed

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My cry always used to be “you all eat it but I’m the only one who goes to buy it and put it away”. But like so many of my comments they fell on deaf ears.

The pregnant mum who said she had to leave her young child crying while she went downstairs to carry the bags up to their flat after the Asda delivery man refused has my sympathy.

The fact that some of the supermarket order wasn’t even in bags – which had she not paid for? – added insult to injury in my book.

However, I’m not sure that I would be comfortable with the service being offered by Waitrose where, people with a certain kind of lock, can allow the delivery drivers to access their home with a ‘key code’. They will then put your shopping in the fridge or freezer as necessary and leave the rest on your worktops.

I always joke when the supermarket checkout operator offers to help me pack my purchases at the till that I would rather they came home with me to put it away as that’s a task I hate. However, I’m not convinced that I’d be happy with someone in my house and rummaging around in the fridge when I’m not there.

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Nothing against the staff but it would mean that I’d have to keep the fridge a lot cleaner than I do at the moment!

The thing is we all seem to have this idea that we need to do a big ‘shop’ at least once a week when our parents and grandparents used to go daily to buy fresh meat and produce before cooking up the family meal.

Now we can buy a microwave meal that will apparently stay fresh in the fridge for a week at a time.

Living alone there’s not an entire family waiting on me serving up a tasty dinner but it also means that quite often there is not a lot in the fridge. But it doesn’t mean that I go hungry.

Perhaps more of us need need to follow our mum’s and gran’s example when Monday was mince, Tuesday stew ...