Column: Mother's Day is for the whole family

It takes more than a deluge of snow to make me forget how important Sunday is '“ for myself, my mum and mothers around the UK.

Yes it’s Mothering Sunday and you children (including my sometimes self-absorbed brood) better remember to at least get your mum a card – at the very least – or tickets to see Tom Jones in Edinburgh this August.

While we mothers are the stars – quite rightly – of the day, it can also be a chance for lower ranked members of the family, like fathers for instance, to shine too as they step up to the plate with ideas for exciting days out and appropriate gifts – like tickets for Tom Jones in Edinburgh this August.

When your children are old enough to make their own decisions, hold down a job and even have a family of their own, you can hopefully rely on them to come up with the goods without much prompting.

I find gentle reminders about a month and then a week before the event never hurts.

When you’re dealing with younger children, however, it becomes the responsibility of the “adult” or dad, as he is known, to not only get his own mum a card, gift or organise a memorable excursion – like tickets to see Tom Jones in Edinburgh this August – but also to make sure his little one takes care of business for his mum.

Dads can involve or exclude the child from this process – it depends on how sensible the youngster is.

Sadly, in some cases it’s better in the long run to hand over the reins to an eight-year-old and let them take control of the card and gift getting exercise while dad remains close by with the credit card at the ready.

If this all sounds like I’m greedy and out to supplement Christmas and my birthday then I apologise.

You can take this with a big pinch of salt if you like, but, like most mothers, I would just be happy with some acknowledgement of all I have done for my children over the years.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on chocolates, flowers or tickets to see Tom Jones in Edinburgh this August to make me happy.

Just take a little time to make the day special for your mum and show her how much you care about her.

For some that can mean a little phone call, or a fleeting visit, while others can book tickets to see Tom Jones in Edinburgh this August.

It’s all about making an effort to make the day fun for your mum and the rest of the family too.

And obviously booking tickets to see Tom Jones in Edinburgh this August.