Column: Less cool kitty and more night owl...

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace

When I was thinking about what to get my boyfriend for his birthday, I only had one thing in mind.

I wasn’t interested in buying him a bottle of after shave or a nice watch,or anything which constituted as a ‘normal’ present for a guy. Instead, I had my eye on something a little more ... feline. You can imagine his face, then, when I broke the news to him that I’d bought him a kitten. “What, like an actual real-life animal?” Yes, she’s very much real and yes, she’s very much yours. For the record, he absolutely adores her and claims she’s the best present he’s ever received.

So when the time came for us to move in, little Freya came with us. Of course I was overjoyed by this; whenever I saw her I cooed over her like a proud mum, convinced she could do no wrong. “Just you wait until you have to live with her,” I was warned. Oh, how I wish I’d listened.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the term “devil in disguise?” Well, that’s our Freya. During the day she’s an absolute dream. She plops herself on the couch or on her little cat-stand and snoozes away, letting off the occasional purr whenever you feed her or pay her attention.

But as soon as it hits 10pm, it’s a whole different ball game.

She meows, then meows some more, then climbs all over your bed when your trying to sleep. Then she’ll bob your nose when you eventually doze off before attacking your feet and plodding around on your tummy before heading for a power nap.

That’s relatively short lived because the process starts again when she’ll wake up and run around the house.

I’ve no idea how to train her so if there’s any cat fans reading please feel free to get in touch. I have a kitty who wants to sleep all day and party all night.