Column: Kate is making most of our sunny days

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I’m hesitant to write about the weather in case there is a change back to a traditional Scottish summer and you all blame me!

However, I cannot resist any more – hasn’t it been just 

When did we last enjoy wall-to-wall sunshine for such a long period of time? I’m sure there are plenty of weather ‘experts’ out there who have that information at their fingertips but for me it seems like it’s something we’ve not enjoyed for years.

Yes, you’ve guessed correct, the current dry, sunny weather is welcome anytime in the world of Kate Livingstone.

I think really I was meant to be a Mediterranean coast inhabitant as that sort of lifestyle is what I enjoy. But usually I spend July and August in this country wrapped up in layers with an umbrella not far away when what I really long for is al fresco dining, afternoon siestas and hot, hot, hot summer days.

Well so far in 2018 I’ve been making the most of the high temperatures and balmy evenings to get outside as much as possible.

Weekends have been spent with the grandchildren at the Helix and Callendar Park enjoying these great outdoor facilities.

I finished work early last week and volunteered to take Jack and Sophie off Emma’s hands for a little while. We popped down to see the ‘shiny horses’ as Sophie likes to call the Kelpies.

We then strolled down to the lake and they had a great time splashing about in the water fountains.

Honestly, shut your eyes and it could have been a park in the heart of Spain or Italy.

There were laughing children, parents and grandparents sitting around enjoying picnics or just finding a quiet spot to read a book or snooze.

And the sunshine seems to make people, well okay most people, happier. You always get the moaners who complain that it’s too hot and they can’t sleep at night, but the majority seem to be making the most of the warmer temperatures while they can.

I don’t know about our neighbourhood but it certainly seems to be the case near me that people are using the sunshine as an excuse to get together with family and friends more – whether it’s to enjoy a barbecue or just sit in the sun while children play and splash about in paddling pools.

And I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there is a distinct lack of midges!

Apparently the conditions are all wrong for them and they prefer the damp – another good reason to welcome the sun!