Column: Facebook friends finish in a click

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Not really a big Facebook fan if I’m honest – a bit more trouble than it’s worth if you ask me, especially these days.

Twitter I just don’t understand, anyone who knows me knows that 140 characters is far from enough for me! Though I do know a few more than that.

No, Facebook doesn’t really appeal to me at the moment (but you should continue to follow and ‘Like’ The Falkirk Herald accounts Kate! - Ed) and not that it’s anything to do with me but my daughter has been regaling me with tales of social media.

First there was the wee girl who was removed from Big Brother over things she’d written and then I heard all about something a lot closer to home and who’s not following who.

You’ve always got that President sending out messages at all hours on social media too.

And I had better be careful incase I’m speaking out of turn, and I’ll likely be given a telling off for this but then, I’ve never been one for gossip... I’m sure you’d all agree! Well... not too often!

Anyway, the basis is one couple have fallen out in real life but are trying to remain friends. However one has deleted all the friends of the other from his profile and that has upset a fair number – particularly those who were quite close to him – all without word of an explanation.

Friendship gone in a 
click. Years of memories of messages and photos. Unavailable.

One of those deleted is, you probably guessed it, Jack’s mum. And she’s not happy... although I think it’s more because she lives further away from this couple than she used to and she’s awfully nosey and likes to keep an eye on what they’re getting up to. I couldn’t tell you who she takes that character trait from!

But grave offence has been taken by, from what I’m told, quite a few people over something which, let’s be honest doesn’t really matter. They didn’t need to be blocked, but they don’t need to bother, do they?

I just wonder what it’ll be when Jack grows up old enough to have a phone, a laptop computer or whatever is in vogue at the time. Will Facebook still be around then? Will it matter who you follow, like or share with?

Will everyone still be as social media obsessed as they are now? I think they probably will. And instances like this one will continue to be commonplace, and so unneccessary too.

Because, I suppose, people will always be nosey – and Facebook suits their needs to a tee – until of course the people that you’re curtain twitching at behind your screen block your view!